Health Update

As many of you know, Blake has  been battling cirrhosis of the liver for several years now.  Recently, his condition has progressed and he is now on the transplant list to receive a new liver.  However, at the current time, he is still traveling with the group and singing when his body allows.  If the time comes to where he needs to take a break from singing, the group has made plans for a fill in to help out until he is able to return.  We have seen God bless so much over the past few years that we would be crazy to start doubting Him now!  Our hope is to continue serving and growing this ministry.  We are trusting in a healing to take place in Blake and trusting God to continue to use The Ambassadors for His glory.  So please give us a call, we would love to come worship at your church!

A fundraising site has been setup to help Blake and Sandra cover all of the medical costs related to the liver transplant.  Please click the following link to donate!  GoFundMe/BlakeStallings

It's Almost Time!

Our brand new CD "Standing Our Ground" has arrived.  Through much prayer and dedication, this CD is one of our best yet.  Please come see us soon to get your copy! 
The Ambassadors are booking now for 2016! - Visit the Contact Us page for contact info.